Elevate your team's performance!

Improve team wellbeing with invigorating on-site massage. 

Coaching is a powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfillment
- Kingstown college 2016

Final bookings for September 2023 Closing This Week!

Book now to mark National Relaxation day or your own in office event. One off events are priced at €395 ex VAT and include 24 x 15 minute relaxing appointments as well as use of our easy to use scheduling system. 

Contact us here or email hello@zestatwork.ie with the date you require.


15 Minute Miracles:
Our on-site massages add an instant zest to the workplace.

  • Our treatments get to work within minutes leaving staff relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • Unique online booking tool allows your team to book and manage their own appointment times, making it easy to implement.

  • We bring everything we need with us on the day including our comfortable massage chair, all you need to do is provide a small area for us to work.

  • Our unique blend of Swedish massage, Indian head massage, and Chinese acupressure to alleviate stress and tension.
  • Concentrating on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, our massages leave clients relaxed, renewed, and with a remarkable sense of wellbeing.


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The benefits of on-site chair massage

  • Team Building & Preventative Health: Office massages foster team bonding while serving as a preventative health measure to prevent work-related injuries.

  • Stress Reduction & Enhanced Morale: Office massages reduce stress and anxiety, boosting employee morale and job satisfaction.

  • Improved Focus & Creativity: Massages enhance mental clarity, concentration, and creativity among employees.

  • Alleviation of Muscular Tension: Massages relieve muscle tension caused by prolonged sitting, reducing discomfort and promoting musculoskeletal health.

  • Increased Circulation & Overall Well-being: Improved blood flow enhances circulation and overall well-being for a healthier workforce.


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 Choose Zest at Work to look after your team:

  • Easy to use scheduling tool cuts out the middleman and allows your team to manage their own appointment times. 
  • Trusted by offices in Dublin for over 13 years, we have a proven track record of excellent client service

  • Sustainability Commitment: Zest at Work is dedicated to sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint through eco-friendly practices.

  • Competitive Pricing: Daily rate of €395 ex VAT, our pricing includes 24 x 15 minute appointments per therapist per day plus use of our convenient booking tool. 

  • Prioritise Team Wellbeing: Choose Zest at Work's on-site massage services to promote your team's wellbeing.