Why staff love us

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Feel calm, relaxed and revived - all in 15 minutes!

Why Staff Love us

  • You’ll feel amazing – during the on-site massage endorphins which are much sought after happy hormones, are released through the massage. These are natural painkillers and will immediately elevate your mood.
  • The on-site massage loosens out knots and tension in the muscles reducing muscular pain common with those who work at a desk for long periods of time
  • This simple chair massage can also reduce incidents of repetitive strain injury which can develop across the back, shoulders, neck, wrists, arms and hands. We also advise on good habits in relation to posture and how to reduce the risk of developing RSI
  • Massage reduces physical and mental stress and fatigue. The body responds to the treatment within 3 minutes, relaxing tight muscles, releasing endorphins, reducing blood pressure and promoting deeper breathing
  • Our corporate massage also helps to promote immunity – clients suffer less coughs, colds and short term illness
  • Regular treatments help to create a better work environment. When stress and tension are reduced there are fewer incidents of workplace disagreements, reduced absenteeism and higher levels of productivity

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