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15 minute miracle


15 minute miracles!

Our massages add an instant zest to the workplace.  We combine elements of Swedish massage, Indian head massage as well as Chinese acupressure in our seated massage.

The chair massage is performed in a specially adjusted chair which allows us to relieve muscular pain and tension from the entire back, shoulders, head, arms, wrists and hands.

Massage causes distinct chemical changes within the body in little over 3 minutes. The effects – relaxation, reduction in pain, stress and anxiety can all be felt for several days after.

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Don't Worry!

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The treatment is done over clothes with no oils or lotion and is non intrusive. Our treatments are so incredible we guarantee you’ll love it or you don’t have to pay for that treatment.

What makes Zest at work treatments so great, is the high standard of our stellar therapists and our individually tailored treatments.

Deirdre and Lisa are both trained in a range of body works and have a wealth of experience behind them.

The special ingredient in our massages is our ability to make themunique to each person.  We know that everyone reacts to stress differently and we each hold tension in different areas of our body. We do a quick evaluation with each employee and adapt our skills to target the areas most in need of treatment.

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